The Coastal Journal is excited to share that we will be helping Main Street Bath with its annual Mayfair and Citywide Yard Sale.

Naturally, we’ve always helped Main Street by promoting the event, but interim director Mari Eosco approached me a couple months ago about the CJ taking on a bigger role.

The citywide yard sale encourages residents and nonprofit organizations to host simultaneous sales; this year it’s on Saturday, May 5, during the downtown Mayfair.

Mari asked if the Coastal Journal would handle putting together the yard sale listing. After all, that’s more the kind of thing a newspaper does. That way Main Street could be freed up to focus on the Mayfair event itself.

Yes, of course, we can do that!

And that yard sale listing – once a limited local thing – now has the potential to reach 10,000 people or more because the Coastal Journal distributes so widely in the Southern Midcoast, even reaching people through its distribution with the Thursday Portland Press Herald. That’s just the print version. Online? Incalculable numbers, I’m sure.

So this year, instead of filling out a registration form and mailing it to Main Street, you’ll clip the coupon from the print Coastal Journal or download the entry form to participate.

Send it – along with a check for $18 – to the Coastal Journal, and in our May 3 issue, you’ll find a whole page or more of Bath Citywide Yard Sales to visit on May 5.

The deadline is April 27.

I like to plan, and with this yard sale list in hand, I’ll be able to map a route to every site I want to hit up in my ongoing search for mid 20th-century kitchen ephemera.

Questions about yard sale listings can be directed to Coastal Journal sales assistant Denise Gregoire at 386-5229.

Questions – and I’ve already had a few from those nonprofits that usually set up in City (Library) Park – like what if it rains or can we be by the pond should be directed to Main Street Bath assistant Camille Kauffunger at 442-7291.

This is the first time we’ve done this, so please check back here or visit Main Street at for updates as we shape this new collaboration.