I’ve lived in Wiscasset for 17 years. Working out of town, choosing to homeschool, and being an introvert have not done me any favors in making strong social connections in my community. But the controversy surrounding the downtown improvement project has changed all that for me.

When our town filed the lawsuit against MDOT I was devastated. I love our village and I want it to shine. How could we sue the very people that are offering us this precious gift? I knew I had to do something. That’s when I found the Wiscasset Thinks Forward community, a diverse group of passionate people with a common goal, to help our town move forward for a bright tomorrow. They are friendly, intelligent, honest folks with whom I’m honored to come alongside.

We implore you to vote no on April 17. Join us in representing the best that Wiscasset can be.

Lisa Truesdell