I have read the studies and this is what I know.

• MDOT’s most recent traffic study was completed in 1997. That study examined 17 alternatives to moving traffic through Wiscasset, including “downtown changes” (now known as Options 1 and 2).

A graph in the study titled “Reductions in Study Area Congestion” shows three of the alternatives would have no impact on traffic congestion – “Downtown Changes,” “Wiscasset Route 27 Signal,” and “Do Nothing”.

• MDOT spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on promotional materials to sell the “Downtown Changes” plan (Option 2) to Wiscasset.

• MDOT commissioned an independent report to examine the impact of removing on-street parking. That report did not support the removal of parking, instead it warned of the danger to the economic viability of downtown businesses if on-street parking was removed.

MDOT edited the report, deleting and rewriting until it appeared to support the plan they were selling.

• MDOT said 80 percent of the project would be funded with federal money and the Wiscasset National Historic District would be protected by federal review throughout the planning and construction process. Then MDOT declined federal funding, instead using only Maine taxpayers’ dollars which eliminated all federal protections.

• MDOT said they would not use eminent domain. MDOT used eminent domain.

• MDOT said they would adhere to all local regulations and laws. Then MDOT told contractors to ignore Wiscasset ordinances and to demolish the historic Haggett building without a permit.

• MDOT said they would halt construction in Wiscasset during the peak months of July and August. MDOT’s published schedule calls for work to continue throughout the summer.

MDOT has proven time and again that it is not an honest broker. The town was right to take MDOT to court. Let a judge decide. Vote YES on April 17 to continue the suit against MDOT; a group of concerned citizens, business and property owners have agreed to privately fund all of the legal costs.

It won’t cost you or the town a dime. Our town’s future is under assault. Vote YES.

Kim Dolce