TOPSHAM — Jack Walker was so excited to see a fire engine Friday morning that he woke up and immediately put on his little firefighter costume, including his boots. A few hours later, Jack was in his glory.

The 5-year-old from Freeport was one of the first children to visit with Topsham firefighters and sit in a ladder truck during the annual Big Truck Day event at the Topsham Public Library.

“He has always been drawn to fire engines and other big trucks, so a day like today is perfect and his dream,” said his mother, Candice. “It’s so great that communities are able to do something like this.”

For about two hours, children from around the area were taking turns sitting in an ambulance, police vehicle, plow trucks, a street sweeper, bucket loader and school bus.

Topsham Public Works, Maine Department of Transportation, School Administrative District 75, and Topsham Police and Fire departments were represented.

The library began hosting Big Truck Day in 2006 as a way to give children the opportunity to see these vehicles up close, meet the members of the community who operate them and spend time getting to know the library. The event — usually held on Friday during spring break — typically has between 400 and 500 people attend.

“It’s a really exciting day, and the kids really enjoy talking to (everyone),” said library director Susan Preece. As of 11 a.m., more than 500 people had attended the event, and Preece said it might end up as the best-attended Big Truck Day ever.

The main attraction that got everyone’s attention right away was the 100-foot ladder truck, which was extended about 75-feet above the ground. Topsham Fire Department Lieutenant Nicole St. Pierre and several colleagues spent time showing off the inside of the vehicle, all the buttons and some of their gear.

Erin Scott’s daughter Maddie, 4, climbed inside the truck with her cousin, Jack, and got a chance to try on St. Pierre’s fire gloves, which are very thick to protect a firefighter’s hands from flames.

Scott, president of the Friends of the Topsham Library community group, said there’s just something about trucks and trains and big things that move that children always seem to enjoy.

“It’s something they see all the time in the community but they don’t get to sit in them or touch them,” Scott said. “They always have questions for their parents, but we don’t always have the answers.”

The Friends group raises money for children’s programming and organizes book clubs, shows and other events at the library. Scott said there is a good group in place, but the group is always looking for new members.

As Jack Walker sauntered around the library’s large parking area, he made sure to spend time listening to St. Pierre talk about the ambulance and all the different buttons before moving on to sit in the cab of the public works department street sweeper.

Children’s Librarian Mariah Sewall said kids seem to be obsessed with trucks, and because there are so many toy trucks and books about trucks, it really stays with them.

“When they see a truck, they just get so excited,” Sewall said. “Books with vehicles are definitely some of the most popular books that get checked out.”

When Candice and Jack Walker were leaving, they stopped and said hello to Chris McLaughlin, the new Topsham fire chief. McLaughlin was standing with a firefighter watching all the children with their wide eyes and smiles admiring the flagship vehicle, the ladder truck.

“I still love fire trucks, and I’m not a kid anymore,” said McLaughlin, who became chief earlier this month. “The kids love coming to the fire station, they love the sounds and the lights (of all trucks).”