The Select Board will hold a public hearing to hear feedback about the town meeting warrant articles during its meeting Tuesday.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the Municipal Meeting Room.

Residents will vote by secret ballot to fill a number of seats within the municipal government.

There are three seats on the select board, two on the Wiscasset School Board, five spots on the Budget Committee and one opening for the Wiscasset Water District.

According to the 51-article warrant, the Select Board is asking the town to appropriate about $2.9 million to reduce the tax commitment. The town estimates about $600,000 in revenue from excise tax and around $450,000 in recreation revenue.

One of the biggest items on the warrant is the $553,227 the Select Board needs for emergency medical services. There town’s EMS department, however, anticipates revenue of about $375,000, which would greatly reduce the initial appropriation.

Wiscasset is asking voters to approve the appropriation of almost $198,000 for town office administration and operations and about $84,000 for the airport.

The Select Board is requesting $160,300 for contractual services, like snow plowing, and nearly $98,000 for the care of local cemeteries.

The town is also being asked to raise and appropriate about $423,000 for the police department — despite opposition from Selectman Jeff Slack, who proposed the town eliminating the police department and contracting with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The Public Works department is asking for $665,000. It is set to purchase a new 10-wheel dump truck for about $175,000, which would replace a 1995 truck, and it wants $20,000 for paving to address drainage issues at the Wiscasset Community Center.

All five members of the board favor appropriating $57,250 for the Wiscasset Public Library, but there wasn’t unanimous consent for two other donations.

Select Board member Bob Bladgen voted against donating $1,500 to Healthy Kids and $1,515 to New Hope for Women.

Voters will go to the polls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on June 12 at the Community Center.

In other business, the Select Board will:

– discuss a proposed new rate for zero-sort recycling at the Wiscasset Transfer Station.

– decide whether to authorize the town manager to execute the transfer of $150,000 of expiring non-primary entitlement funds awarded to the Wiscasset Municipal Airport to the city of Waterville.