BATH — With Eric Varney moving up to the Morse High School principal position, that left a vacancy for the school’s assistant principal position.

The role was filled by the Regional School Unit 1 Board of Directors Monday night, which appointed Devon Gallice as the new assistant principal starting next year.

“We’re very pleased to nominate her as the new assistant principal at Morse High School,” Superintendent Patrick Manuel said.

The district received 31 applications and interviewed seven candidates for the position.

Gallice is currently a guidance counselor at Dike-Newell School, a position she’s held since 2016. She has also served as a guidance counselor at Bath Middle School and as Clinical Program Coordinator at Pathways in Brunswick.

Gallice received a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in 2005 and a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University in 2009. She is currently working on a certificate of advanced graduate study in educational leadership at the University of New England.

The board also voted to eliminate the combined Woolwich Central School/Bath Middle School assistant principal position and replacing it with two dean of students positions — one for each school.

Manuel also updated the board on the continuing work on the new Morse High School and Bath Regional Career and Technical Center building. The district is finishing up the final steps in order for site work to begin this summer on the Wing Farm property.

“On May 9, we got official site approval for the new school, and we are closing on two properties that we need to close on,” Manuel said.

“That’s in process right now.”

The district is currently looking to hire a part time clerk of the works that will oversee sitework starting in July.

Applications for that position close May 31, and a candidate will be selected shortly thereafter.

Also coming up shortly is June 14 — the day bids must be submitted for site contractors; they’ll be opened that day as well.

“We’ll know by that afternoon who’s going to be our site contractor for the new school,” Manuel said.

Three contractors have already submitted bid materials, he said, though he noted six had submitted requests for qualification for the project.

District staff will be conducting a required site walk for bidders Tuesday.

The board bid farewell to senior-class student representative Sarah Gray, who is graduating in a couple weeks on June 10.

“Since this is my last board meeting, I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve learned a lot,” she said. “It was a really nice opportunity that I could do this.”

Gray said she plans to attend the University of the South in the fall.

“Good luck to you,” Chairman Stephen August said.

Junior-class student representative Sydney Hollingsworth will return in the next school year.

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