BATH — The Tri-County Literacy announced that it has changed its name to Midcoast Literacy.

“We substantially increased our services and outreach efforts over the past decade,” said Executive Director Donald Lader, Jr. “In the process, we became aware of some confusion around our tri-county designation.”

Lader, Jr. said the nonprofit organization wants people to know it serves Sagadahoc, Lincoln and northern Cumberland counties and believes changing its name to Midcoast Literacy clarifies its regional service area.

“Our mission continues to be improving lives through literacy, and we continue to offer the same free services to adults and families seeking to better their literacy skills,” he said.

David Damour, chairman of Midcoast Literacy’s Board of Directors, said the board is committed to finding ways to serve as many people as it can in its three midcoast counties. “We hope our name change will help us do just that by making us easier to find.”

Midcoast Literacy, headquartered in the Midcoast Maine Community Action Center, has been addressing the literacy needs of residents from Freeport to Waldoboro for over 40 years. The Adult Literacy Services include free one-on-one tutoring for adult learners who struggle to read, seek to improve their English skills or need support re-entering educational programs or the workforce, as well as a program specifically for the elderly that enables the participants to create written memoirs with the help and companionship of volunteers.

Family Literacy Services include Read With Me, a program that provides literacy support and free books to low-income families and preschool children through a collaboration with local Head Start centers; Summer Books, a program that provides free books and encouragement to read through a collaboration with local Summer Food Services Programs; and Read Together, a new and engaging program that offers year-round, one-on-one tutoring for school-age children who are struggling to read at grade level.

Program Director Katie Clark hopes the name change announcement will alert people to the availability of all Midcoast Literacy’s services, including a hybrid initiative that aims to combine help for adults and children called Parent Support.

“One of the best ways to ensure children succeed in school is to help their parents navigate the school-related paperwork, newsletters and other forms of communication used by teachers and school staff,” Clark said. “We have volunteers who will meet one-on-one with parents to help them keep up with the papers and forms sent home weekly from school.”

Lader said staffers are always happy to speak with interested individuals, families and agency staff who would like to know more about what Midcoast Literacy does.

“We are also always looking for enthusiastic adults to become Midcoast Literacy volunteer tutors and help us reach residents in the 37 municipalities of Sagadahoc, Lincoln and northern Cumberland counties.”

For more information, call 443-6384 or email Lader at [email protected]