BRUNSWICK — Tom Henderson, also known as “Turkey Tom” handed out more than 100 turkeys to visitors at the Midcoast Winter Farmers Market on Wednesday to people who waited for fresh, local meat for their Thanksgiving meal.

Henderson, along with Stephanie Grant, represented Pine Tree Poultry from New Sharon, one of about 16 vendors who now sell at the farmer’s market at Turtle Rock Farm on Fridays. The market moved from Topsham Fairgrounds at the beginning of November and moved to Turtle Rock, one of dozens of businesses now found at Brunswick Landing. The market sells fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries, breads and meats — everything that was found at the old location in Topsham.

While a small, locally run farmer’s market may seem a little out of place at the former base, which is dominated by larger, more technology-centered companies, Ben Whatley, market president, said that it has been successful so far, drawing foot traffic from many employees on their lunch break or by people visiting the nearby YMCA.

“The fairgrounds were a destination,” Whatley said, which meant people had to go out of their way to visit the market.

There are also a number of people who moved to Brunswick to work at Brunswick Landing and are still getting to know the area, including the local farmer’s markets.

“Folks are excited about it,” Whatley said. “There’s more energy and activity here now even in the last year and a half since we started talking about the project.”

Plus, with the new location, Jen Legnini, who owns Turtle Rock Farm, is able to run a cafe out of her kitchen, expanding on some of the options that she had at the old market since now she does not need to transport her food.

While the market may be in somewhat of an unexpected location, Turtle Rock is right at home. Four days a week it is a production facility where Legnini makes jams, jellies and various canned goods.

“We’re having fun, people are excited,” she said. For now, they are keeping the number of vendors small, until they gain more traction. “We’re getting into the rhythm now,” she said.

The Midcoast Winter Farmers Market is open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 39 Burbank Ave.