Fact Sheet


  1. The cost per column inch per reader is lower in the Coastal Journal than any other publication in the midcoast region.
  2. *The Coastal Journal has the largest readership of any publication in the midcoast region, from Freeport to Camden, with distribution of nearly 20,000 and a nearly 90% pickup rate!
  3. Part of our distribution is done as a supplement to the Portland Press Herald, offering a demographic of readers with a college degree and above-average incomes.
  4. The balance of our distribution is done in hundreds of our own racks for those readers who like the Coastal Journal but don’t read the Portland Press Herald… an excellent compliment to the supplement, ensuring a wide demographic readership.
  5. The Coastal Journal has a comfortable Tab format making it nearly impossible for a reader to read a page and not see the ads on it.
  6. The Coastal Journal has been serving the midcoast community for more than 40 years.
  7. We use a water-based ink that doesn’t pollute our environment and doesn’t get all over your hands when you hold the paper.
  8. The Coastal Journal is unique in the region, offering an eclectic mix of stories, features and perspectives not found in any other area publication.

* Based on August 2013 Distribution