Press Release Policy

Submitting a PSA (Public Service Announcement)/Press Release

To submit your PSA to be part of our Calendar of Events, please include in the first paragraph what the event is, the date, time, place and any cost involved and someone to contact for more information. Please email the information to [email protected] before our deadline of 10am on Friday for the following Thursday edition. Events cover the publication date through the following Wednesday. Upcoming events for the following Thursday and those requiring preregistration & advance tickets for the following weekend events are listed as space allows.

We at The Coastal Journal want to help you make your event a success. While we try to get as many PSAs in the paper as possible, we may not be able to get all of them in on any given week. We have found that events that the public can attend, such as gallery openings, concerts, museum exhibits, wine tastings, kayak trips, auctions, council meetings, walks through gardens, fund raisers to support our community, live theater, etc. are what our readers want to read about most and thus, are given priority. Those that we receive by the deadline are also prioritized. Sagadahoc, Lincoln and Knox Counties, and Brunswick, Harpswell, and Freeport are our service area. We are unable to publish releases for events out of our service area or that are not about an upcoming event.

If your PSA is more than the very basic information just outlined, please email to [email protected]. In the subject line, please type the name of the organization, event and the date, such as:

Jud Caswell to Perform at Brunswick on the Green 7/31/13 at 6pm.

This will allow us to prioritize your release and get it into the correct edition.

PSAs can be embedded in the body of an email (preferred) or attached using Word formats.

Photos are published based on a number of considerations including space availability. Please send photos as “jpeg” format. The photos should be large format, 200 DPI or higher. Consult your manual to find your camera’s highest setting.

Please do NOT send your document or photo as a PDF. The quality significantly degrades when we must manipulate it and this makes it much less likely that we will be able to publish it.

Please try to keep your notices to 300 words or less. More will not automatically eliminate them from being published but please bear in mind that space is always limited.

Thank you,
Editorial Staff